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Artemis is a third-year Computer Science Ph.D. student, focusing on the multimodality and interpretability of artificial intelligence models. Prior to this, she undertook the Dual Degree in Artificial Intelligence at Penn, majoring in Computer and Cognitive Science as well as Philosophy. Concurrently, she also obtained her Master’s in Computer Science.

During her time at Penn, Artemis served as a Teaching Assistant for five different computer science courses. In 2019, she was awarded the Penn Engineering Exceptional Service Award for her teaching contributions. 

She has also taught computer science at the Kohelet-Yeshiva Elementary School and South Woods State Prison, making computer science accessible to diverse communities.

Artemis aims to stimulate student interest in mathematics, logic, and computer science while overcoming any mental obstacles from past experiences. She is deeply committed to promoting a comprehensive, widespread literacy in the field of computer science.