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Postdoctoral fellows at Penn are encouraged to take advantage of the Center for Teaching and Learning's workshops, mini-courses and observation programs as ways to prepare themselves to be future faculty and to communicate their work more effectively in their field.

Observations & Consultations

CTL staff from a range of disciplines are available for teaching consultations and observations. Such conversations are non-evaluative and can cover any topic related to one's current or future teaching.

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CTL mini-courses allow postdocs and graduate students to go into greater depth on a variety of teaching topics.

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Postdocs are welcome to attend any of CTL's teaching workshops for graduate students. Over 100 are offered each year, covering a wide range of subjects and disciplines.


Job Market Consultations

Postdocs are encouraged to work with CTL staff on various aspects of the job market. CTL is happy to help draft and revise job materials at any stage and to consult on interviews and preparation for presentations.

More specifically, CTL consults on:

  • Teaching statements
  • Teaching portfolios
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Preparing for teaching demonstrations or presentations

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