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A clear policy about how to communicate helps students know how best to interact with instructors. You policy should let students know when you are available, what platform to reach you on and what questions are most appropriate so that students can make best use of email and other electronic ways of communication.

Sample Language

James Pikul, MEAM 110: "Introduction to Mechanics"

To contact us: We will use Ed Discussions, an on-line discussion forum, for all on-line communication outside of class. Questions about the material and logistics should be posted to Ed Discussions, so all students and instructors can reply and benefit from the discussion. You can also send a private message on Ed Discussions to Prof. Pikul or any other individual in our class. Do not send email to the instructors – please use Ed Discussions.

Luca Bossi ECON 002: "Introduction to Macroeconomics"

Please make sure to include your full name in your email messages. I check my email regularly during working hours. However, if your email implies a very long answer, please come and see me during office hours. I am typically also available in the classroom right before/after the lectures.