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In light of current Covid-19 conditions, Penn encourages but no longer requires mask wearing in classrooms and buildings. Masks are still required in healthcare spaces. Instructors, however, can decide to require masks in class. More information can be found on Penn’s Covid-19 FAQ page.

Because instructors may set their own masking policy, this means that instructors will need to think about how to determine their policy and communicate their expectations around masking clearly. This should be done up front – in the syllabus or other course documents – and instructors should be ready to talk about masking in class as well.

General Considerations

  • Regardless of the policy you set, if you think you may want to change it during the semester, if conditions change, it will be helpful to note that from the start of the class.
  • You may also want to add a statement such as “If you have concerns about this policy, please talk with me, so I can explain why it is in place” if you are open to having that conversation.

Sample Language

Penn no longer requires students to wear masks so no one in this class has to wear a mask.  However, if you want to wear a mask – for any reason – I support you in that decision and will respect your choice.  

While you are not required to wear masks in other university buildings, I ask that everyone continue to wear masks in our classroom. I know that masks might feel awkward, but I also know that wearing masks plays a role in showing respect for each others’ health and comfort.

Penn no longer requires students to wear masks in the classroom and for our large class meetings you may wear a mask or not. However, in recitations, TAs will set their own policies. Should your TA require that you wear a mask, do so.